Availability: UCOP

Service Description:

OnBase is a best-of-breed electronic document management system available to all UCOP departments. By using OnBase, departments can more easily shift to and/or manage electronic records by improving ease of access, reducing the use of paper, and minimizing on-site file storage.

OnBase offers

  • Fast and easy record search and retrieval
  • Ability to create, edit, and collaborate on documents
    • Versioning to minimize inconsistency and redundancy
    • Robust workflow
  • Ability to set retention periods in compliance with the UC Records Retention Schedule
  • Ability to set legal holds on records as needed
  • Secure storage, including for sensitive records (P3 and P4 security levels)
  • Strict access settings
    • Immediate web-based access to documents by authorized individuals or teams
    • Permissions at the department level (so records are accessible, even if individuals separate)
    • Access by multiple users to the same document simultaneously

Permissions. All documents are strictly managed in OnBase through a comprehensive permissions structure to ensure only authorized users have access to them. OnBase uses document types, user groups, and retention triggers (in alignment with the retention schedule) to make only relevant documents available to each user and to ensure documents are managed to reduce risk. The document types and user groups are determined by the records management team in collaboration with department personnel.

How to get set up with OnBase. Request a meeting with Records Management to discuss your needs. If you decide to use OnBase, the records management team will configure it for your record types and provide you initial user training. The Records Management team also offers supplemental personalized assistance at no charge to OnBase users. Please contact us at records@ucop.edu or use ServiceNow to ask for assistance.

To learn more about OnBase basic functions, including searching, uploading, maintaining, and collaborating, please refer to these guides:

How to Request Support

Support is available M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Contact Records Management for information.


All UCOP departments may request access to OnBase, and should contact Records Management for a consultation.


There is no charge to use OnBase at UCOP.