Electronic document management consultation

Availability: UCOP

Service Description

Everyone has a ton of electronic documents to manage – from Word files to email. UCOP provides several options for storing and accessing electronic records. Records Management can help you decide which one will work best for you and how you should manage your electronic records. First, please review these important points:

  • Backup. Files should be stored where they are routinely backed-up. Otherwise, if a system crashes or a file gets corrupted, they may be permanently lost. Note that your UCOP issued computer hard drive (C: drive), as well as portable devices like a flash drive, portable hard drive, CD, etc., are not backed up.
  • Sensitive Data. If you have sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI), you need to ensure it is stored securely.
    • Discuss with your manager whether you need the files.
    • Securely delete whatever files are not needed following the UC Records Retention Schedule (for assistance with the schedule, contact records@ucop.edu).
    • Daily operational files that do not contain sensitive data should be stored in Box; or in OnBase for those departmental units that have OnBase. Do not share Box file links with non-UC personnel unless authorized to do so. If links are shared, they should have an expiration date and, if possible, a password. Additional guidance can be provided by the IT Service Desk servicedesk@ucop.edu.
    • Sensitive files (for example, those containing SSNs, ePHI) require a consultation with the Box, Records Management, and information security teams; or should be stored in OnBase for those departmental units that have OnBase. Email records@ucop.edu for consultation. For more information about sensitive data, see the Sensitive File Storage Guide and the Classification of Information and IT Resources website.
  • Non UC Devices. UCOP personnel must not use or store sensitive data on non UC devices.
  • Storage Costs. Although departments are not billed for storage, there is no free or unlimited storage – UCOP pays for storage options. Retain documents per the UC Records Retention Schedule, and routinely purge drafts and old documents you no longer need.

Storage Options

  • Simple File Storage. For simple file storage, use Box or OnBase. Box is good for individual working files and for sharing and working on files with colleagues across UC. If your departmental unit has OnBase, you should use it. OnBase is the best repository for official record copies, and should be used for  creating, editing and collaborating on individual and team documents. 

    New departmental fileshares are not being issued. This storage option is available only if your department already has fileshares. Note that files on a departmental fileshare only can be shared within UCOP.

  • Secure File Storage. Use either Box, because it has multifactor authentication, or OnBase, for those departmental units that have OnBase, because it provides secure file storage.
    • Sensitive files currently stored on an existing departmental fileshare should be immediately moved to Box, or to OnBase, if your departmental unit has OnBase. Note that OnBase may be made available to additional departments. If interested, contact records@ucop.edu.
    • If sensitive files are already posted on a SharePoint site, check with the SharePoint team (sharepoint@ucop.edu) to ensure that the site is secured.
    • Note that the following repositories are not secure: network fileshares, laptop or desktop hard drives, Smartsheet, Outlook email folders/archives. Sensitive data in these repositories should be immediately moved to Box.
  • Collaboration Websites. SharePoint should not be used for simple file storage. SharePoint is appropriate when project or team web space is needed because it offers a web interface, calendar, lists, and workflow.

Additional Resources

How to Order or Request Support

To request a consultation, contact Records Management.

Support Hours

Support is available M-F, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


All UCOP personnel are eligible to request support.


There is no cost for electronic document management consultation services.