Systemwide workshops for building partnerships and identifying research opportunities

The UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program (LFRP) supports systemwide workshops to advance innovative research and to strengthen collaborations between the University of California (UC) and the national laboratories (NL). Starting in the 2025 award cycle, we have extended the workshop engagement period to cultivate deep and long-lasting partnerships between UC and NL researchers. This involves a series of convenings and the creation of a report, which will be made publicly available on this site.

The workshop convenings and subsequent reports serve several purposes:

  • Forming New Collaborations: Workshops enable potential collaborators to make connections and build research teams.
  • Creating a Forum for Discussion: Workshops provide a forum to identify and discuss compelling research directions.
  • Identifying Opportunities: The resulting reports outline a roadmap of research priorities to advance the field, particularly those in which UC-NL collaborations can chart the future.

Jointly led by UC and NL teams, workshops are open to faculty, research scientists, and postdoctoral fellows from any UC location, including the 10 campuses, and Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. The report resulting from the workshop series on Research Advancing Microelectronics is available below. Please continue to check this page for event information for the upcoming workshop series on Community-Engaged Research for Clean Energy Solutions.

2025 Cycle

Research Advancing Microelectronics

January 19, 2024: University of California Livermore Collaboration Center (UCLCC)

January 30, 2024: Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego

Workshop Report

Community-engaged research for clean Energy Solutions

More information coming soon.

2022 Cycle

Clean, Renewable Energy and DecarbonizATION

May 6, 2021: University of California, Irvine

For additional information, please visit the workshop website.  

FROntiers of Mesoscale Materials and High Energy Density Science

May 3-4, 2021: University of California, Merced

Pandemic Preparedness and Biosecurity 

April 28-29, 2021: University of California, Davis

For additional information, please visit the workshop's Google Drive for materials and recordings.