The UCRI Team

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Kathleen Erwin, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 987-9889
Kathleen has served as director since UCRI’s inception. She facilitates stakeholder engagement and strategic planning efforts for programs and special initiatives across the funding portfolio.

Betty Guo, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 287-3373
Betty has a PhD in biochemistry from Texas A&M University and has previously served as Associate Director of Grants Facilitation for the University of California Davis School of Medicine. She is the UCRI contact for proposals in cancer, health, and biomedical sciences.

Erin Marnocha, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 987-9345
Erin has a PhD in biology from UCLA and has previously served as the Director of Research and Education for the University of California Natural Reserve System. She is the UCRI contact for proposals in biological and environmental sciences.

Leila Sievanen, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 987-0498
Leila has a PhD in environmental anthropology from the University of Washington, and has held positions at California Ocean Science Trust, Brown University, and the Peace Corps. She is the UCRI contact for proposals in social science and environmental/climate science.

Rebecca Stanek-Rykoff, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 587-6265
Rebecca has a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Michigan, and has held positions in the innovation and entrepreneurship space at UC Office of the President. She is the UCRI contact for proposals in physical and computational sciences. 

Anna Ward, PhD
Contact: Email | (510) 987-9402
Anna has a PhD in Women's Studies from UCLA and a background in research development. She is the UCRI contact for proposals in the humanities, social and cultural studies, and interdisciplinary research.

Ginger Hintz, MA
Contact: Email | (510) 987-9260
Ginger has a MA in American Cultural Studies and a BA in Environmental Policy from Bowling Green State University. She brings her extensive background in nonprofit work to support and coordinate special projects for all the UCRI programs.

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