Programs & Initiatives

We fund collaborative partnerships and critical research aimed at solving issues that are important to California.

Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives

MRPI funds multicampus or systemwide research collaborations that go beyond individual PI-driven projects to benefit the UC research enterprise, strengthen UC’s position as a leading public research university, launch pioneering research in thematic, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary areas, and benefit California. The competition is open to all fields of research and scholarship.

UC National Lab Fees Research Program

LFRP fosters collaborations between UC faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and laboratory scientists, drawing on their unique strengths and facilities to launch compelling, cutting-edge research.

UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee

The CRCC is a systemwide, faculty-directed cancer research program that provides competitive intramural research awards for topics in any discipline that address any aspect of cancer, including its origins, prevention and cure.

Initiatives and Special Funds

We manage strategic state and universitywide investments in research that benefit California and its people.

President's Research Catalyst Awards

President Napolitano’s Catalyst Awards initiative stimulates cutting-edge collaborations across UC that advance research, teaching and learning for undergraduate and graduate students in topics critical to California and the world.

UC Innovation Awards

We oversee programs that aim to enhance industry-university collaboration, enable innovation and spur the economy both within California and around the world.

Multicampus Research Units

To enhance the success of Multicampus Research Units (MRUs), we coordinate their review and evaluation and provide additional administrative guidance.