Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives

Systemwide research to strengthen the UC research enterprise

Program Announcement (March 16, 2022): UCRI is pleased to issue the RFP for the 2023 Award Year. Applicants may apply for Planning/Pilot Awards or Program Awards. The deadline for Letters of Intent is May 12, 2022 at 12:00 Noon PDT. Please see the Application Information page to access the RFP and find more details.

MRPI funding supports innovative multicampus research collaborations that strengthen UC’s position as a leading public research university. Awards are intended to facilitate outstanding research and cutting edge discoveries that can:

  • Advance research in areas important to UC, California, its people, environment and economy
  • Increase UC’s competitiveness in attracting faculty, graduate students, awards and honors, and extramural funding
  • Support innovative graduate student research at UC

The total funding portfolio of active MRPI grants is approximately $48 million, providing a significant investment in UC systemwide research. Information about prior awards can be accessed in the menu to the left, and you can learn more about the current awards on the 2021 Awards page.

MRPI awards are made in two categories: Planning/Pilot Awards and Program Awards. MRPI competitions are anticipated every two years, subject to availability of funds. 

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Our program information sheet (pdf) summarizes the impact to date of MRPI funding.

See the abstracts for active awards (pdf) for more details on current MRPI awards.