Research priorities

We offer systemwide opportunities for collaboration and innovation at UC.

UC Research Initiatives offer unique opportunities for collaboration and seed funding across the full breadth of academic disciplines and scholarship at UC, from the arts and humanities to engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, education and medicine.

Five types of programs form the core of the current UCRI portfolio:

  1. UC multicampus collaborations
  2. UC-national lab collaborations
  3. UC innovation opportunities
  4. UC cancer research
  5. Special initiatives

Genuinely systemwide, each of the initiatives solicits proposals across all disciplines for competition in rigorous, independent, peer review panels that ensure the highest quality, most compelling research receives UC systemwide support.

By recompeting funds in regular intervals (every 1-4 years), UCRI directs research investments to emerging, promising areas of academic basic and applied scholarship, and creates opportunities to launch new ideas and pursue novel approaches at the frontiers of knowledge.

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