Multicampus Research Units

MRU Reporting and Review Requirements and Other Guidance
A Multicampus Research Unit (MRU) is a formal organizational structure established to provide a supportive infrastructure for long-term research and/or creative work in a thematic area occurring between at least two campuses or at least one campus plus one national lab. MRUs advance the University’s systemwide goals of research excellence through multicampus collaboration and engagement. A list of MRUs can be found on the UCOP Research and Innovation (R&I) website.

MRUs are required to comply with the 2014 Compendium (pdf), including reporting and review requirements (Section V and Appendix H). For instructions and templates on fulfilling the MRU annual, five-year and 15-year “sunset” reporting requirements, please see the pages on annual reporting and review requirements. The MRU Reporting Requirements and Review Process document (pdf) provides a summary of the process and requirements for each type of report.

MRU reporting and review typically adheres to a standard annual timeline (pdf).

Submission guidelines for all MRU reports:

  • All reports are due the third Thursday of September each year to Questions about the review process or requirements can be sent to this email address as well.
  • Alternative due dates or requests for other exceptions must be agreed to in advance by all involved parties.

Additional guidance on MRU advisory councils, bylaws, and modification procedures can be found on our Other Guidance webpage.