Initiatives and Special Funds

Supporting systemwide research in critical areas

We manage strategic state and universitywide investments in research that benefit California and its people.

COVID-19 Research

UCRI has invested $6.4 million in COVID-19 research and continues to support research and discovery amidst the pandemic. Learn more here.

California Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund

Donations to the California Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund support research on the causes, detection, and prevention of cancer, expand community-based education on cancer, and provide prevention and awareness activities for communities that are disproportionately at risk or afflicted by cancer. Learn more here.

Type 1 Diabetes Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund

Taxpayer donations support research to advance the understanding, techniques, and modalities effective in the screening, treatment and cure of type 1 diabetes.

UC Valley Fever Research

With $3 million of funding designated in the California State Budget Act of 2018, UC launched a Valley Fever Research opportunity.