California Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund

Taxpayer donations fund innovative research that catalyzes cancer breakthroughs

Every year, California taxpayers make crucial donations to the California Cancer Research Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund (CCRVTC) on their annual tax returns. These donations support research on the causes, detection, and prevention of cancer, expand community-based education on cancer, and provide prevention and awareness activities for communities that are disproportionately at risk or afflicted by cancer. Donate by checking Line 413 on your tax return form 540.

The CCRVTC fund is administered by the Cancer Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC), a University of California systemwide research program that supports cutting edge cancer research selected through competitive peer review.  The CRCC is comprised of UC faculty from all 10 campuses across California who are experts in a variety of cancer research disciplines, and who provide independent merit review of proposals submitted in response to an annual Request for Proposals. Leveraging the highly rigorous review process and oversight of the CRCC, the program is able to administer the CCRVTC funds for less than five percent of the annual donations. Over 95 percent of the donations goes directly to supporting research.

Total Program Funds for Tax Year 2023

  • Allocation: $425,000
  • Research Awards: $404,929
  • Administrative costs: $20,323 (4.8%)

Learn more about the research funded with the CCRVTC to date (pdf)