UCOP Central Records Collection Guidelines for Submission of Materials

UCOP Central Records Collection Collecting Scope:

The UCOP Central Records Collection accepts University generated materials in a variety of formats that support and document the university’s mission, vision, and history. The Collection archives materials that record the intellectual, cultural, and administrative history of the university and in particular the Office of the President, as well as items for business purposes and continuity.

These guidelines describe and provide examples of the types of materials that UCOP departments should send to the UCOP Central Records Collection.

This is not an exhaustive list. Departments should submit all records of historic significance. It is preferable to include materials that may not be pertinent to the collection than to fail to submit important University records. Where there is uncertainty, please submit the material in question and records management staff will determine whether to include it in the collection.

Examples of materials that should be submitted:

  • Records that document issues that receive substantial attention, generate significant subsequent action, contribute in the development of policy or significant long-reaching decision making, and/or provide significant unique information about University functions, policies, procedures, or programs
  • Policies, directives, and general orders that document University programs
  • High-profile, watershed, noteworthy and/or annual reports, including significant audit reports of UC entities and studies, or other work products, including agendas, charge letters, and minutes from university wide committees and working groups
  • Records relating to functions, ceremonies and celebrations of historical importance, including photographs, invitations, final transcripts of speeches, addresses and presentations and comments delivered; and media releases or statements
  • Prominent special projects records
  • Academic and long range development plans
  • Regents’ Items signed by the President
  • Official University position statements
  • UCOP newsletters, such as Link
  • Records related to initiatives both at UCOP and university wide
  • Organizational charts documenting the hierarchy of UCOP
  • Any and all documentation of UC’s interactions with local, state, and the federal government
  • Any other historic materials, including correspondence (email and paper letters) that document the activities of the president or the office of the president, for example, presidential binders detailing the daily activity of the president

UCOP personnel may submit material in any format to records@ucop.edu or to Records Management, Franklin Building, 7th floor. Please contact us at records@ucop.edu or (510) 987-0399 if you have any questions about what materials to submit or records management in general.