UCOP Information Security

In this age of electronic intrusion and theft, UCOP must protect its intellectual and administrative electronic information. Each individual and organizational unit plays an important role in safeguarding information resources. Follow these links to learn more about securing the electronic environment.


UCOP Information Security and Responsibilities

Who's responsible for information security at UCOP.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

NCSAM activities at UCOP


UC’s Cyber Security Awareness Course, plus tips on information security.

Policies and Guidelines

UC's policies and guidelines related to information security.

UCOP Services

Information security services for UCOP employees.

Campus Programs

Links to each UC location's Information Security program.

UCOP Data Loss Prevention Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions about UCOP Data Loss Prevention Program

External Links

Links to more information from the Dept. of Homeland Security, SANS, and other helpful sources.


Answers to frequently asked questions about information security.