UC Tech Academy

The UC Tech Academy is a suite of professional development programs for the UC Tech community. It was initiated in 2015 with the IT Leadership Program, which has trained over 220 individuals in senior IT roles. The Academy is being expanded to offer programs for a range of job levels and skillset needs, and new programs will be announced in the UC IT Blog as they are developed.

In general, the programs are open to IT personnel and the broader UC Tech community, which comprises professionals across the  university who work in central or distributed IT organizations, who serve as technology specialists in business units, who have roles that support the technology function, or who simply have a passion for using data, technology, and design in their jobs and lives. Each program may have specific eligibility criteria.


The goals of the Academy are

  • Skills development: Provide opportunities for personnel to acquire the skills to excel in the highly competitive IT field and better support the university’s rapidly changing IT needs
  • Professional growth: Better prepare personnel for opportunities for professional advancement
  • Retention: Help the university retain top IT talent by offering staff the training they want and preparing them for professional advancement
  • Culture improvement: Help the university train UC Tech personnel in how to foster a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent by valuing diversity and promoting respect


Click on the programs below for more detail about each one.

IT Leadership Program

Provides the leadership skills so participants are prepared to advance in their careers and to support change within the UC technology arena.

Applied Intelligence Mentorship Program

This eight-month virtual program consists of monthly modules or workshops, each addressing a different topic and requiring about twelve hours of commitment.

Digital Risk Leadership Program

Advanced leadership and collaboration training for UC leaders in security, privacy, legal, audit, law enforcement, risk, compliance, or public safety.