Email and Calendar

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
UCOP provides integrated email and calendar service using Microsoft Office 365. The calendar is also used to reserve UCOP conference rooms.

  • Outlook Web App: OWA allows customers to use any Internet connection to access e-mail. The URL to access OWA is
  • One-year Email Retention Policy: Email messages in the Inbox (including any subfolders you’ve created), Sent, Drafts, and Junk folders older than one year are automatically deleted. Messages you need to keep should be stored in folders in the Outlook Online Archive. Be sure to routinely purge the archive of email you no longer need.

How to Order
Use the Service Hub to request an email and calendar account, call (510) 987-0457, or email

  • For new employees, the Human Resources department requests the account on behalf of the department. (Some departments do not use HR and instead directly request accounts for their new employees through the Service Hub. These departments are the Office of the General Counsel; Secretary of The Regents; California Digital Library; Ethics, Compliance & Audit; Lab Management; and UC Press.)
  • All departments directly request accounts for contractors through the Service Hub.

How to Request Support
Support is available M-F, 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Request support through the Service Hub or by contacting the IT Service Desk.

An Outlook account is provided to all UCOP staff, contractors, and other associated personnel. When contractors receive a UCOP e-mail account, their email display name will be set up to include the word “contractor” so that the relationship to the University is clear to any e-mail recipient. For example: Mary Smith (Contractor).

24/7, except during planned outages

The cost of the service is covered by central IT funding.

Additional Information
Information about using Outlook may be found in the Service Hub. Key search words include Outlook, OWA, calendar, conference room reservation. 

Please note, after logging on to Outlook Web App using your UCOP user name and password, you will be presented with multifactor authentication.