The goal of the Compliance program is to assist in the university's endeavors to fulfill its responsibilities to the people of California in an ethics-based environment that is compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations and in which the public trust is maintained.

See the glossary of compliance terms for definitions and explanations of common terms.

Standards of Conduct and Policies and Procedures

Standards of ethical conduct

Adopted by the Regents of the University of California, May 2005

Statement of Ethical Values PDF

The UC Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct. Adopted by The Regents of the University of California, May 2005.

UC Conflict of Interest Awareness

Links to websites and contacts for UC Conflict of Interest (COI) Awareness

Oversight and Accountability

Education and Training

ECAS Compliance Alerts

Periodic updates on hot topics in compliance from ECAS

Reporting Concerns

UC Whistleblower website

If you suspect that a UC employee is engaged in improper governmental activities, UC has policies that can show you how to "blow the whistle" and can protect you from retaliation. This site provides important information for employees and supervisors about the whistleblower policies.

UC Whistleblower Hotline Link

The UC Whistleblower hotline is a systemwide tool for employees to use when reporting potential compliance issues, or instances of improper governmental activity, in a confidential manner


The Office of the Director of Investigations maintains oversight of a comprehensive program for review and investigation of complaints of improper governmental activity made under the university's Whistleblower Policy.

Reporting Compliance Concerns at UCOP

Your immediate supervisor is your primary reporting option, but there are other local and systemwide resources available.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response

Key contacts, policies, training and resources that support UCOP's commitment to creating and maintaining a safe community and workplace.

Screening and Enforcement

Auditing and Monitoring

Response and Prevention