Campus safety and crime reporting: requirements of the Clery Act

The University of California makes every effort to provide safe campus environments for its students. Every UC campus has a police department staffed by sworn peace officers with full law enforcement authority as well as an array of counseling, education, and safety programs. Campus judicial officers use both discipline and counseling to stop abusive behavior and solve problems. 

UC campuses conduct safety training as part of new student orientation and offer similar sessions for continuing students. They maintain professionally staffed health and counseling centers that help students be proactive to protect themselves as well as dealing with emergencies. Campus residence hall staff are trained to assist students in dispute resolution, safe practices, and crisis management. Residence halls are protected by automated locks and entrance control technologies. This combination of staffing and organizational and physical infrastructure is designed to help young adults learn to take responsibility for their own safety in a context of accurate knowledge of risks and resources.

What is the Clery Act? The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 is part of the Higher Education Act. The goal of the Clery Act is to ensure students, prospective students, parents and employees have access to accurate information about crimes committed on campus and campus security procedures. Read more

For more information: View the links below for additional details, and/or contact your campus Clery Act Coordinator.

Details of the Clery Act

Details on operational requirements, Campus Security Authorities and how campuses can best comply with the Clery Act.

Crime and Security Reporting

Information on campus reporting responsibilities, the types of statistics that must be included, and confidentiality concerns.

Campus Clery Act Reporting and Contacts

View links to Clery Act reporting for individual campuses and contact information for campus Clery Act Coordinators.

Clery Act Appendix for FSA Handbook PDF

This resource provides specific information on campus safety and security reporting, crime statistics and definitions, collecting statistics, daily crime logs and more relating to the Clery Act. This will replace the 2016 Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting (“2016 edition”).