Export control

Domestic, International and Export Control Solutions

Export Controls are a set of regulations derived from international treaties and Federal policies designed to limit military and sensitive technology transfer outside the U.S. while also furthering national foreign policy goals. Export Controls cover technology and items developed for the military, “dual use” items having both a military and commercial application, and emerging technology areas of concern, as well as country-specific and list-based sanctions covering financial transactions and services.

The University of California (UC) is a world-class leader in higher education and research, attracting talent and engagement from around the world. The collaborative and international nature inherent to academic research empowers innovation and UC’s mission of public service, but also poses potential export control risks that carry legal obligations. Some examples of areas where export controls should be considered at UC include shipping internationally, hosting foreign students and visitors, or research involving or using export controlled technology.

The Office of the President provides resources and compliance services to help the UC community understand and address export control risks. Each UC location also has a designated Export Control Officer that can provide additional advice and support.