UC Campus, Location, or Program

Name REMS Category
Campus-Related Organization 9
UC-Managed DOE Laboratory 13
UC Campus, Location, or Program 14

Campus-Related Organization

All sponsor codes in this category are deactivated. No new codes will be added to this category.

UC-Managed DOE Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is the only sponsor code in this category. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory are managed through private limited liability companies and are classified as Business/For-profit entities in the sponsor code system.

UC Campus, Location,or Program

UC campuses, other UC locations (e.g. Scripps) and internal UC programs that are either campus-based or have a systemwide mission. Other than the sponsor codes defining a specific UC campus or location, each program should be linked with a UC campus or location as its parent sponsor code. RPAC limits the creation of new sponsor codes below the campus level. 

UC Santa Barbara 
UC Energy Institute