Legislative reports 2019-20

# Date Report title

2020-21 (EDU 92493 - 92496-2017) Capital Expenditures 1,2,3 (pdf)

09/01/19 11th Amended List of Proposed Energy Projects (pdf)
11/01/19 Instruction and Research Space Summary & Analysis (pdf)
11/01/19 Utilization of Classroom and Teaching Laboratories (biennial) (pdf)
11/06/19 UC Merced 2020 Draft Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and Draft LRDP Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Summaries (pdf)
11/30/19 Five Year Capital Outlay Plan for State Funds (Capital Financial Plan 2019-25) (pdf)
11/30/19 Admission and Enrollment of Students from LCFF High Schools (pdf)
12/01/19 2018-19 Preliminary report on the Use of One-time Funds to Support Best Practices in Equal Employment Opportunity in Faculty Employment-Final (pdf)
12/01/19 Project Savings Funded from Capital Outlay Bond Funds (pdf)
12/01/19 Streamlined Capital Projects Funded from Capital (pdf)
01/01/20 Annual General Obligation Bonds Accountability (pdf)
01/01/20 Small Business Utilization (pdf)
01/01/20 Psychiatry GME (pdf)
01/01/20 Office of the Chief Investment Officer Diversity (pdf)
01/10/20 Summer Enrollment (pdf)
01/15/20 Contracting Out for Services at Newly Developed Facilities (pdf)
02/01/20 Capital Expenditures Progress Report (EDU 92493 - 92496-2017) (pdf)
02/01/20 Statewide Energy Projects (SEP) - Progress (pdf)
03/01/20 Data on Student Transfers (pdf)
02/01/20 Hunger Free Campus (pdf)
03/01/20 Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) (pdf)
03/15/20 Performance Outcome Measures (pdf)
03/31/20 Annual Report on Student Financial Support (pdf)
04/01/20 UC Riverside School of Medicine (pdf)
04/01/20 Unique Statewide Pupil Identifier (pdf)
04/01/20 Systemwide and Presidential Initiatives (pdf)
04/07/20 Adjustments to 2020-21 Capital Outlay Proposal (pdf)
Draft Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and Draft LRDP Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (pdf)
  Future Reports: 2020-21 Legislative Session