Workplace violence prevention policy

UCOP Policy

Consistent with its legal obligations, University of California Office of the President (UCOP) is committed to maintaining a safe workplace that is free from threats and acts of intimidation and violence.  When faced with such situations, UCOP takes appropriate remedial action to protect employees and students and ensure public safety.  The University prohibits acts of intimidation as well as actual or threatened violence against co-workers, students, visitors, or any other persons who are either on site or have contact with University personnel in the course of their duties.  Any threat or violent act is unacceptable and in violation of University policy.  Individuals who engage in this kind of misconduct may be subject to disciplinary/corrective action, up to and including dismissal, consistent with University Personnel Policies and collective bargaining agreements.  Employees should also know that certain threats or acts of violence may violate the law and could result in criminal prosecution by the public authorities. 

Every member of the UCOP community shares responsibility for creating and maintaining a civil and respectful workplace, free of all forms of threatening or violent behaviors.  Any UCOP employee who is the subject of, or a witness to, a suspected violation of this policy is strongly urged to report the violation or incident to the next-in-line supervisor who is not a party to the violation or incident.

Any supervisor, manager or administrator who receives a report of intimidation, threats, or acts of violence shall take appropriate action to investigate and, when appropriate, correct the problem.  This will include consultation with Human Resources, which may review and further investigate the suspected violation and consult with the Behavioral Intervention Team as appropriate.

No employee shall be retaliated against in his/her employment for truthfully reporting perceived intimidation, threats or acts of violence.


Intimidation:  An act or expression toward another person, causing the other person to reasonably fear for his/her safety or the safety of others.

Threat of Violence:  An act or expression that threatens mental or physical harm to person(s) or damage to property.

Act of Violence:  An act or expression that causes metal or physical harm to person(s), however slight, or damage to property.

Workplace:  All University facilities and off-campus locations where faculty, staff or student employees are engaged in University business.