Employee Reduction in Time (ERIT)

The Employee initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) program is available to UCOP employees who wish to voluntarily reduce their percentage of appointment. Participation in ERIT by exclusively represented employees is subject to agreement by the applicable union.

UCOP ERIT Procedures

Department responsibilities:

  1. Complete ERIT Contract.
  2. Complete the ERIT Payroll Participation form and attach to Contract.
  3. Send Contract and ERIT Payroll Participation form to Human Resources.
  4. Retain copy of Contract and Payroll Participation form as Official Office of Record.

Human Resources responsibilities:

  1. Place Contract and ERIT Payroll Participation form in employee personnel file.
  2. Send copies to: Payroll and Retirement.

Payroll responsibilities:

  1. Payroll will update employee payroll information.