Local UCOP Human Resources has completed a new off-boarding procedure. This procedure was designed to develop best practices and clear instructions for the successful separation of an employee on their final day.

The off-boarding procedure includes all steps needed to successfully separate an employee; deactivate computer/phones/badge, process of final paycheck, and reviewing of space to determine cleaning/painting needs.

Roles and responsibilities

The supervisor is responsible for notifying Human Resources that an employee has resigned and providing HR with the letter of resignation. The supervisor will also complete the Department Checklist as well as collect all OP property (badge, office/cabinet keys, credit cards, smart phones and tablets) from the employee and return it to HR.

Human Resources send a Separation form and the letter of resignation to BRC Payroll as well as sending a SEPEN-L email, Employee/Department Checklist and Exit Survey Invitation. Prior to employee separating, HR submits a Service Now Request to have accounts deactivated.

There are seven service providers involved in the off-boarding process:

  • HR completes the separation template, BRC payroll is prompted of the separation via UCPath system as well as through the SEPN-L, BRC contacts employee to complete final timesheet, and a final pay transaction is processed. BRC sends separation documents to separating employee.
  • Checks are issued by UCPath on the paycycle for all voluntary separations.  Represented employees will receive final pay according to terms of the bargaining agreement.  UC path mails the check statement to employee’s home address.
  • BASC-Work Management Center enters separation date for badge and parking card deactivation.
  • Asset Manager sends an email to determine if computer/phone equipment needs to be retrieved. 
  • ITS Phones deactivates phone number and retrieves the phone at the request of the supervisor.
  • ITS Computers deactivates accounts, and after 45 days deletes employee’s accounts.
  • BRC Audit, Policy & Compliance team cancels travel and procurement card if applicable.
  • BASC-Building Services is responsible for assessing the space and coordinating cleaning/painting if needed.
Service delivery levels have been agreed upon with measurable timeframes. See the Operational Level Agreements (pdf) for details.