IRAP conducts several systemwide surveys on a regular basis and is available to provide support and consultation for various departmental survey needs. 

  • Instrument design – IRAP’s survey experts can walk you through best practices for designing an effective and valid survey, including logic and optimization for the web.
  • Sample determination – IRAP can assist with selecting a sample population designed to give representative results.
  • Survey administration – IRAP uses Qualtrics as an online data collection system and to send survey invitations and reminders through a safe, streamlined mailing process. IRAP can also help develop response strategies for marketing your survey.
  • Data analysis – IRAP's researchers can help examine survey data and provide links to administrative and corporate data to deepen your analysis.
  • Reporting and visualization – IRAP uses the Qualtrics reporting platform to provide summary data in a timely manner. IRAP can also combine quantitative analysis, skillful writing, and visualization tools such as Tableau to deliver distinctive, impactful reports.