Town halls and webinars archive

The ITS webinar series highlights ITS functions and services, new directions, and key initiatives. The webinars are recorded and posted below.

Title Presenter
UC IT Town Hall
September 26, 2017
recording,  Agenda (pdf)
ITLC Priorities (pdf)Big Data (pdf)
Tom Andriola (UCOP)
Matt Hall (UCSB)
Christine Kirkpatrick (UCSD)
"We're Moving Your Cheese!" Communicating IT Change
June 28, 2017
recording, pdf
Kelsey Layos, Manager, Academic Web Technologies & Academic Applications Development, OIT, UCI

Ray Vadnais, User Experience Architect, Academic Web Technologies, OIT, UCI
Thursday, April 13, 2017
recording, pdf

How the UCLA Library Provides Virtual Services to Staff and the General Campus
March 22, 2017

Jessica Mentesoglu, Manager, Learning & Research Technology Services and Support (LRTSS)
Alan Lebetkin, Programmer Analyst, LRTSS, UCLA
David Lakatta, Programmer Analyst, Core Ops, UCLA

Strategic Storytelling
February 22, 2017

Jessica Hilt, Technical Outreach Strategist and & Program Analyst, UCSD

How to Improve the Student Computing and Printing Experience
November 30, 2016

Dawn Canfield, IT Manager, Department of Psychology, UCLA

Nick Thompson, IT Director, UCLA Office of Instructional Development


Lions, Tigers, Patches,
and Inventory, Oh My: How the UCLA Library Uses Lansweeper
August 30, 2016

David Lakatta
System Admin (VDI, Infrastructure, Service Desk), UCLA

TAMP-O-Matic: How the Technology Asset Management Program (TAMP) can help you
July 27, 2016
recording, pdf

Steven Pease
Asset Coordinator, UCOP

UCTV Through Time
May 25, 2016
recording, pdf

Lynn Burnstan
Managing Director at UCSD - TV

Shared Services at University of California
April 27, 2016
recording, pdf

Tom Andriola, UC System CIO

Process Capture Approach: Best Practices for Effective and Complete Mapping
March 23, 2016
recording, pdf

Jonathan Kahn, Enterprise Application Architect, UCOP
Jerome McEvoy, Enterprise Architect, UCOP

UCPath Center Go-Live Experience
February 23, 2016
recording, pdf

Bill Freire, Senior Manager IT, UCOP

Bloomberg Webinar: Higher Education Case Study: Shared Services at the University of California
February 2, 2016
recording, pdf

Presenter: CIO Tom Andriola
Moderator: Phil Searle, Founder and CEO of Chazey Partners

Remote Tools for the Road Warrior
January 28, 2016
recording, pdf

Terrell McQuitta, UCOP Service Desk Supervisor
Process Capture and Modeling
December 1, 2015
recording, pdf
Jonathan Kahn, Enterprise Application Architect, UCOP
Jerome McEvoy, Enterprise Architect, UCOP
UCB's Student Affairs IT Workforce Strategy Professional Development Plan
November 19, 2015
recording, pdf
Paul Robles, Associate Chief Information Officer, Student Affairs IT, UC Berkeley
James Kent Dudek, Director of Organizational Strategy, Sutdent Affairs IT, UC Berkeley
Introduction to the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)
October 28, 2015
recording, pdf
Kevin Koy, Executive Director, Berkeley Institute for Data Science
Systemwide IT Procurement Updates
September 15, 2015
recording, pdf
Dianne Yoder, Associate Director of IT and Professional Services, UCOP
UC NeXt Demo and Walkthrough
August 27, 2015
recording, pdf
Charles McIntyre, Manager of Infrastructure and Operations, UC Santa Cruz and Rose Roccio, Director of Education and Collaboration Technology, UCLA
Privacy & Security, They’re the Same Thing, Right?
July 23, 2015
recording, pdf
David Rusting, Chief Information Security Officer and Roslyn Martorano, Privacy Manager
UCOP Data Center Move Overview
June 23, 2015
recording, pdf
Paul Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, and
Brian Tharp, Program Manager
California is our Campus: How UC ANR is using technology to help solve California's most pressing agriculture and natural resource challenges.
May 5, 2015
recording, pdf
Gabriel Youtsey, Chief Information Officer,
Agricultural and Natural Resources
IBM Watson - Transforming the Student Experience with Cognitive Computing
April 30, 2015
Dan Scott - IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Casey Drummond - IBM Watson Education Industry Leader
Katherine Frase - VP & CTO, IBM Global Public Sector
UC Path Center IT - Providing Enabling Technologies and Support for the UCPath Center
May 11, 2015
recording, pdf
Bill Freire, IT Manager,
UC Path Center
UCOP Records Management Services Overview
April 16, 2015
recording, pdf
Judy Peck, Records Supervisor
Angela Hom, Records Analyst
How to apply for a Sautter Award
March 18, 2015
recording, pdf
Yvonne Tevis, Chief of Staff,
Information Technology Services
From ships at sea to UC TV: UC radiofrequency licenses and FCC coordination
February 19, 2015
recording, pdf
Connie Geraghty, FCC Coordinator, UCOP
Sandra Wasson, General Manager of KALX, UC Berkeley
What’s the Big Deal? Big Data, Cloud & the Internet of Things
January 21, 2015
recording, pdf
Christine Kirkpatrick
Division Director-IT Systems Services-San Diego Supercomputer Center
What's the Point of Sharing? Learn How to Use SharePoint to Streamline Work
December 9, 2014
recording, pdf
Hank Moreira,
Principal SharePoint Analyst
Client Services: What can we do for you?
November 7, 2014
recording, pdf
Shirley Bittlingmeier,
Client Services Officer
John Waugh,
ITS Customer Relationship Manager
The Web We Weave: Supporting Research, Financial, and Student-Related Initiatives
October 22, 2014
recording, pdf
Candace Jones,
Senior Applications Manager
Take No Pretenders: Identity Access Management
October 7, 2014
recording, pdf
Eric Goodman,
Identity Access Management Architect;
David Rusting,
Chief Information Security Officer
Records Management:
What's in it for Information Technology?
September 25, 2014
recording, pdf
Laurie Sletten,
Records Manager
Trash or Treasure?
Learn what to do with your records
July 22, 2014
recording, pdf
Laurie Sletten,
Records Manager 
Establishing a Professional Development Plan
July 14, 2014
recording, pdf 
Tom Andriola, CIO;
Donna Salvo, Executive Director, 
Talent Management

Enterprise Architecture: The Guide Is Definitive.
Reality Is Frequently Inaccurate.
June 24, 2014
recording, pdf

Jerome McEvoy,
Enterprise Architect

If the NSA Is Already Listening, Do I Still Need to Secure My Phone and Computer?
June 11, 2014
recording, pdf
David Rusting,
Chief Information Security Officer
So U Think U Know QA…
May 19, 2014
recording, pdf
Debi Young,
QA Manager
Staffing for the Future:
ITS Recruitment Projections
April 18, 2014
recording, pdf
Tom Andriola, CIO;
Mark Cianca, Deputy CIO;
Paul Weiss, CTO