Desktop Phone, Voicemail, and Headset

Availability: UCOP

Service Description

  • Phones: ITS (a) provides desktop phones and voicemail for new UCOP customers and (b) moves phones to new locations for existing customers.
  • Headsets: ITS helps customers select and install an appropriate headset to meet business needs.

How to Order
Use the IT Service Hub to request a desktop phone/voicemail and/or headset.

How to Request Support
Support is available M – F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Request support through the IT Service Hub or by contacting the IT Service Desk.

UCOP employees, contractors, or associated personnel.

24/7, except during planned outages

The cost of the service is covered by the recurring departmental IT utilities fee. Departments pay separately for headsets.

Additional Information
Information about using phones, voicemail, and headsets may be found in the IT Service Hub. Key search words include voicemail.