How to Get UCOP E-mail on Personally Owned Mobile Devices


General Instructions
UCOP personnel may configure their personally owned mobile devices to receive UCOP e-mail, as well as their calendar and contacts. Note that ITS does not support or take any responsibility for personally owned mobile devices. For support, please consult your carrier or the store where the device was purchased.

In general, to receive UCOP e-mail on a personally owned mobile device, try configuring the e-mail settings as follows:

E-mail Address:
Server Address:
Server Type: Microsoft Exchange 2010
Username: XXXXX (Same as Email Login Username)
Password: XXXXX (Same as Email Login Password)
SSL Connection: Check (✓)
Account Name: UCOP

You are responsible for securing your personally owned mobile device. ITS recommends activation of the password lock on smartphones to protect data in case a device is stolen or lost.

University Restricted Information
You should not use or store University restricted information on personally owned mobile devices. If you receive restricted information on a personally owned device, delete it immediately. UC policy, IS-3, Electronic Information Security (pdf), provides a definition of restricted data. Examples include Social Security numbers, ethnicity, date of birth, and financial information, such as credit card number or bank account number.

If you need to use restricted information on a mobile device for your job, talk with your manager about getting a University owned device, which can be better secured.

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