Managing your records may seem overwhelming, but it is essential. Everyone has a responsibility to properly create, maintain, and dispose of their university records. Information in all media must be readily available, understandable, and useable to support decisionmaking and programs, clarify obligations, and protect rights and privileges. When the records’ retention period has lapsed, the records need to be disposed of in a way that is appropriate for the content. The UCOP records manager is available to provide advice and information, as well as training on a limited basis.

An important resource is the UCOP Central Records Collection, which holds many of the permanent records of the Office of the President. Departments should submit appropriate documents for inclusion in the collection. These include reports, policy issuance letters, systemwide committee charge letters, correspondence, and other significant documents.

Records management resources

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UCOP Central Records Collection

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Permanent collection of documents reflecting UCOP corporate history

UC Records Retention Schedule Link

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Searchable systemwide records retention schedule

Records management (systemwide)

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