Green Building

Policy Goals

New Buildings and Renovations

  • Design and construct all new buildings and major renovations to a minimum LEED-NC (new construction) Silver rating as well as meet the prerequisites of the Laboratories for the 21st Century Environmental Performance Criteria.
  • Design and construct all renovation projects with a cost of $5 million or greater (except acute care facilities) to a minimum LEED-CI (commercial interiors) certified rating.
  • Energy-efficient design:
    • Acute care/hospital facilities and medical office buildings: outperform ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standard 90.1-2010 by at least 30% or meet UC’s whole-building energy performance targets.
    • All other buildings: outperform the energy requirements of the California Building Code by at least 20% on all new construction and major renovation projects or meet UC’s whole-building energy targets.
  • No new building or major renovation approved after June 30, 2019, shall use on-site fossil fuel combustion (e.g., natural gas) for space and water heating (except those projects connected to an existing campus central thermal infrastructure). 

Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (EBOM)

  • Each campus will submit for certification one pilot building at a LEED-EBOM certified level or higher. 
  • Each campus shall seek to certify as many buildings as possible through the LEED-EBOM rating system.


See UC's progress toward this goal in the Annual Report on Sustainable Practices