Research administration communities

Listservs and SharePoint

RPAC maintains various listservs and SharePoint sites to support collaboration among the specialized research administration and policy communities across the University of California system. Only UC employees may access an RPAC listserv or SharePoint site, and an appropriate supervisor must authorize access.

Some of RPAC's listserv and SharePoint communities include:

  • Contracts & Grants Leadership: The CGDIRECTORS-L listserv is reserved for senior systemwide Contracts & Grants/Sponsored Projects leadership. RPAC defers to each campus to determine which members of its staff are included on this listserv.
  • California Model Agreement: The CMA-L listserv is a forum to discuss and disseminate information about the California Model Argeement used for agreements between UC and State of California agencies.
  • Clinical Trials: The CLIN-L listserv and SharePoint site convene those in campus research administration offices with responsibility for negotiating clinical trial agreements (and associated contracts such as confidentiality agreements) to share information with the UC community primarily relating to research administration issues associated with human clinical trials.
  • General Research Administration and Policy: UCRAO-L is RPAC's most general listserve, serving as a source for information about research administration and policy at the University of California.
  • International Research:INTERNATIONALRESEARCH-L brings together those not and from campuses that support, have experience with or handle International Research.
  • Industry: The INDUSTRY-L listserv is reserved for negotiators who of agreements with for-profit entities.
  • Licensing: The LICENSE-L listserv is a forum for UC licensing officers to pose questions and share information about best practices in technology transfer and licensing.
  • Material Transfer AgreementsUCMTA-L and MTA SharePoint site are used by UC's community of MTA negotiators.
  • Nonprofit Agreements: The RPAC-NONPROFIT-L listserv gathers contracts and grants officers and technology transfer officers involved in reviewing and negotiating contracts and grants from charitable foundations to coordinate and discuss contract and grants from charitable foundations.
  • REMSAll users of the Research Enterprise Management System (REMS) application are subscribed to the REMS-L listserv in order to receive system updates.
  • Subawards: The SUBAWARDS-L listserv is used by members of the systemwide research administration community responsible for subaward agreements and internal multiple campus award document.
  • Training: The RESEARCHTRAINING-L listserv and SharePoint site are used to convene systemwide research administration trainers and those interested in sharing training resources.

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