Our funding encourages novel and innovative approaches at the interstices of established fields in areas where cutting-edge discoveries emerge.

Research Stories

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UCRI funding enables researchers to make cutting-edge discoveries that benefit California and the world. We are excited to share our grantees’ advances and progress with you through the stories linked below.  

Five RGPO Grantees Earn 2019 Presidential Early Career Awards
Five UC faculty funded by the Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) received the 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Featured researcher: James Stinecipher
One of the first UC-National Lab in-residence graduate fellows studies cutting-edge climate change science

Creating more efficient energy systems 
Lab Fees Research Program funds study that uncovers ways to reduce our energy use  

Improving memory
A prosthetic device for the brain

How soil health affects California agriculture

Archive (2015 and earlier)

Creating a living laboratory
Studying the impact of climate change on California

Discovering new worlds
UC and National Lab collaborators fuel search for Earth-like planets

Planning for smart growth
Simulation enables long-term economic forecasting

Enriching lives through art
Classroom-in-Residence stimulates youth creativity

Training new leaders to tackle global challenges 
UC-National Lab partnerships further non-proliferation and nuclear safety 

Generating bright ideas 
UC experts join with industry to advance solar solutions with MRPI funding 

Exploring solutions with government leaders
UC center unearths threat to water supply

Partners in California communities
Going door-to-door in rural reaches

Supporting novel notions 
MRPI grantees use digital humanities to connect new generations to centuries of knowledge 

Inventions create industries 
Proof of Concept grant provides the spark to produce a better battery