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Academic Affairs

We are a systemwide resource for academic excellence in research, teaching and public service.

Academic Affairs builds on the energy and academic strength of UC’s campuses to enhance the system’s educational impact. We help recruit and retain outstanding professors and provide them with the support they need to succeed. We promote excellence through programs that help prepare, recruit and support undergraduate, graduate and professional students. We manage programs that help position UC and California as engines of economic, social and cultural development. And we ensure that UC remains on the cutting edge of innovation in teaching and learning by supporting new academic initiatives.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Provost and Executive Vice President


Academic Personnel and Programs

The University of California is committed to diversity and inclusion to achieve excellence

Academic Personnel and Programs manages systemwide programs and develops policy supporting academic careers at UC. We are the stewards of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) and serve as the UC Center of Expertise for academic recruitment, retention, advancement, compensation, diversity, affirmative action, employee and labor relations, and data analysis. We provide faculty and students with opportunities to study and work in Washington, DC and Sacramento. Several of our programs offer publication, media, and digital services to the UC community as well as to California and to the world. 

Susan Carlson

Susan Carlson

Vice Provost

Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs

We manage the university's equity and student success efforts.

Yvette Gullatt

Yvette Gullatt

Vice President for Graduate and Undergraduate Affairs and Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Educational Innovations and Services

We enhance learning and increase course access for UC students.

Educator Programs

We support campuses with curriculum and professional development.

Claudia Martinez

Claudia Martinez

Executive Director


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Enrollment Services

We oversee undergraduate admissions and financial aid.

Graduate Studies

We support and advance graduate education at UC.

Graduate Studies advances graduate education at the University of California through strategic planning, analysis, outreach and coordination. This includes the development of graduate research and preparation opportunities as well as advocacy efforts through systemwide initiatives and programs. Learn more about Graduate Studies

Pamela D. Jennings

Pamela D. Jennings

Executive Director

Outreach and Educational Partnerships

We partner with K–20, business and community sectors to fill opportunity gaps.

Sandra Williams-Hamp

Sandra Williams-Hamp

Executive Director

Student and Equity Affairs

We support equity and inclusion, student engagement and well-being.

Student and Equity Affairs coordinates equity, diversity and inclusion efforts for UC students, faculty and staff; oversees student governance and policies; connects students and leadership; and stewards practices and policies that support students’ mental health and well-being.

Elizabeth Halimah

Elizabeth Halimah

Associate Vice Provost for Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs

Institutional Research and Academic Planning

We provide evidence-based analyses and reports that inform and shape strategic planning, institutional policy creation and revision, and decision support.

UC is a leader in advocating for the purpose and importance of public higher education. By providing timely, accurate, consistent, and reliable information about UC and the environment in which it operates, Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP) illustrates UC’s progress, challenges and outcomes in support of its mission.

IRAP's statement of inclusion: We create and model an inclusive and collaborative culture for all of us to belong, grow, and feel valued. We thrive together and commit to practice transparency and equity.

Read more about IRAP, including its vision and values »

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown

Vice President - IRAP

Research and Innovation

We work to strengthen research and innovation across UC.

Research & Innovation (R&I) is a resource for UC researchers and administrators in research policy, funding for systemwide programs, and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We work to build UC-wide partnerships, help shape effective policies and provide a strong voice nationally for research and innovation on behalf of UC. Learn more about Research & Innovation

Theresa A. Maldonado, Ph.D, P.E.

Theresa A. Maldonado, Ph.D, P.E.

Vice President for Research & Innovation


Research Grants Program Office

We fund research to address some of California's most critical needs.

The Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) oversees a broad grantmaking portfolio of over $100 million a year to support research that is critical to California, the nation and the world. RGPO programs enhance UC’s research capacity and excellence, which helps attract top faculty, graduate students, government funding and companies to our state. These grants also enable health researchers and community agencies to collaborate and solve the most pressing problems in the state. RGPO also provides grants for training undergraduates, graduate and postdoctoral researchers, whose work will benefit California communities. Learn more

Bart Aoki

Bart Aoki

Executive Director, RGPO

Natural Reserve System

We provide a network of protected natural areas throughout California.

The Natural Reserve System aims to contribute to the understanding and wise stewardship of the Earth and its natural systems by supporting university-level teaching, research, and public service at protected natural areas throughout California.  Our 38 sites include more than 750,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major state ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to inland deserts, and lush wetlands to Sierra Nevada forests.

Peggy L. Fiedler

Director, NRS

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Increases UC's innovation capabilities and creates new opportunities for the UC community through the promotion of public benefit and economic growth.

Research Policy Analysis and Coordination

We coordinate policy and guidance to support and advance research at UC.

Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC), a unit of Research & Innovation (R&I), provides guidance and assistance in the development, interpretation and implementation of policies and external rules in the conduct of extramurally funded research at the University of California. Learn more

Deborah Motton

Deborah Motton

Executive Director

Knowledge Transfer Office

We help move UC innovations from the lab to the market.

The Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) supports UC campuses in technology transfer operations. Our group provides information systems, financial management, patent prosecution and intellectual property management services. We create tools to help connect external parties to UC innovations. We support UC inventors, entrepreneurs and best practices at UC campuses to realize the public benefit of UC research.

Bruce Hunter

Executive Director

Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services

We provide tools and resources to our campuses to help fulfill the mission of the University in an ethical and compliant manner

The Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services provides direction, education, oversight for president policy process, investigatory services, auditing and monitoring, guidance and resources to the University to optimize ethical and compliant behavior, provide assurance, and improve operations through effective controls and processes. 

Alexander Bustamante

Alexander Bustamante

Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer

External Relations and Communications

We build public understanding and support for the university's mission.

External Relations and Communications is focused on increasing public understanding and support for the university and communicating UC’s value and impact on the lives of people in our local communities, California and the nation. We help establish and strengthen relationships with outside constituencies — such as alumni and philanthropists, business and industry — and, in coordination with campuses, facilitating their support for the university. We also conduct policy analysis for the university.

Brent Colburn

Senior Vice President, External Relations and Communications


Alumni Engagement

We enrich the lives of alumni.

UC has more than 2 million alumni living and working around the globe. They are leaders and contributors to the vitality of our communities, our businesses and our culture. The mission of the Alumni Engagement office is to enrich the lives of alumni and engage them as volunteers, advocates and contributors who strengthen the University of California.

Katrina Ward

Director, Outreach & Engagement

Executive Communications and Engagement

We help convey the value and impact of the University of California.

Executive Communications and Engagement functions as the UC president’s chief speechwriting team and develops and executes strategic public engagement opportunities on the president’s behalf that promote institutional priorities. The team also helps the UC president manage relationships with strategic groups and constituencies and provides the president with briefing, advance, and event staffing support.

Shelly Meron

Director of Executive Communications and Engagement

Federal Governmental Relations

We advocate on behalf of the University of California to the federal government.

The University of California's Office of Federal Governmental Relations is located at the UC Washington Center in Washington, DC. As the largest public research institution in the world, the university engages in numerous partnerships with federal education, health care and research agencies. Working with Congress, the administration, federal agencies and national organizations, we advocate for the university and its policy and fiscal priorities in education, research, healthcare and public service.

Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington

Associate Vice President

Institutional Advancement

We facilitate financial and other support for the university's research, teaching and public service mission.

The Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) promotes, expedites, encourages and assists the campuses in increasing private, voluntary support of the university by providing a central hub for inquiries about support, managing reports and analyses of fundraising activities and assuring accountability in the private support program. We work to interpret, coordinate and oversee policy for volunteer and private support, oversee endowment administration matters and issues related to UC's status as a 501(c)(3) entity. Learn more about IA.

Heather Kopeck

Director of Development Policy and Advancement Relations

Internal Communications

We help keep you informed about what it means to be part of the UC community.

The Internal Communications unit is responsible for developing and delivering a broad range of communications (print and digital) for UC’s more than 225,000 employees and 60,000 retirees. In addition to systemwide communications, the unit is also responsible for internal communications for the UC Office of the President community. Key goals include keeping employees informed about and engaged in presidential and institutional priorities; ensuring employees are receiving accurate and timely information about important university matters; fostering a sense of community, connection and shared pride within the UC community; celebrating the remarkable people of UC and their collective contributions to California and beyond; and enabling employees and retirees to make informed employment/retirement decisions.

Paul Schwartz

Internal Communications Director

Legislative Analysis

We develop UC's positions on legislative issues and provide analysis and research in support of policy initiatives.

Legislative Analysis is responsible for coordinating the development of the university's position for state and federal legislation, as well as responses to state and federal legislative, gubernatorial and other official requests. Legislative Analysis provides policy analysis and research to further initiatives consistent with UC's policy agenda. 

Frank Thomson

Director, Legislative Analysis

Marketing Communications

We tell the UC story with clarity and conviction.

Marketing communications builds public awareness of UC’s value and its impact on the lives of people in California and beyond. Working with campus colleagues, OP leaders and our clients, we convey the breadth and depth of UC’s leadership in teaching, research and public service, and foster pride and engagement in the UC community. As stewards of the systemwide brand and visual identity we ensure the institution’s values and aspirations are brought to life in each and every communication.

Ram Kapoor

Chief Marketing Officer

State Governmental Relations

We serve as the primary university representative to state elected officials and agencies.

State Governmental Relations (SGR) serves to advance understanding and support for UC's tripartite mission of teaching, research and public service. As UC's principal representative to state elected officials and state agencies in Sacramento, we represent university positions on legislative, budgetary and policy matters.

Kieran Flaherty

Associate Vice President & Director

Strategic Communications and Media Relations

Our team serves as the primary link between the Office of the President and the news media.

Strategic Communications and Media Relations enhances the public’s understanding of the university and its contributions to the world. The team interacts with journalists and media outlets, responding to some 150 inquiries a month; strategizes, develops and coordinates communications/messaging on various systemwide issues and events; and helps promote UC priorities through proactive media outreach and tactics. In addition, the department also evaluates and arranges media opportunities for President Drake, drafts statements and op-eds on his behalf as well as that of other senior leaders, and helps manage perennial issues and crises. 

Claire Doan

Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Media Relations, Press Secretary

UCH Communications

We provide strategic communications for University of California Health.

University of California Health (UCH) Communications provides strategic marketing and communications support for the University’s health enterprise, including systemwide collaborations among the six academic health centers and 20 health professional schools, a Global Health Institute and systemwide services that improve the health of patients and the University’s students, faculty and employees.

Michael Crawford

Director, UCH Communications

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

We manage and oversee systemwide financial management.

The CFO division has oversight of financial and capital project management at the campuses, academic medical centers and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Areas of responsibility include budget analysis and planning, accounting and financial controls, risk management, capital markets financing, capital resource management, strategic sourcing, and external relationships with rating agencies, investment houses, banks, financial auditors and financial regulators.

Nathan Brostrom

Nathan Brostrom

Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer


Budget Analysis and Planning

We develop and manage the university’s systemwide annual budget.

Budget Analysis and Planning (BAP) manages UC’s annual budget and conducts long range financial planning. Our role includes analysis of the complex factors which influence the university’s budget, development of the annual budget requests to the State, and coordination with the campuses on a wide variety of budget-related issues. We advocate in support of the university’s budget and we work with leadership from across the university system to integrate local and UC-wide priorities into our forecast and planning.

David Alcocer

David Alcocer

Associate Vice President

Capital Asset Strategies and Finance

We support systemwide capital projects and capital raising activities.

We access capital markets to finance capital and working capital needs for the university’s campuses, laboratories, and medical centers. We provide leadership and support in capital project policy, planning, design, contract and regulatory issues. We also originate and service mortgage loans for certain faculty and senior staff.


Capital Markets Finance

We support capital-raising activities systemwide.

We provide support for capital programs to the campuses and medical centers which, in turn, provide services to our faculty and student body. In serving the university's needs, the staff of Capital Markets Finance is dedicated to providing efficient service with the highest standards of excellence. For debt information and financial reports, see bondholder information.

Meghan Gutekunst

Director, Capital Markets Finance

Capital Programs

We support systemwide capital projects.

Capital Programs provides systemwide leadership and campus support in the following areas: capital budget strategy, policy and recommendations to the regents and the state of California; capital project design and delivery strategies, policy, contract development and training; design professional selections; building/safety code and regulatory issues; land use and site planning, long-range development plans, CEQA compliance and environmental documents; sustainability; and real estate transactions.


Capital Planning

We manage the review and approval processes for UC's capital program.

Capital Planning partners with campuses in the development of capital projects through the Ten Year Capital Financial Plan and the Annual Budget for State Capital Improvements. The unit coordinates with OGC, Capital Markets Finance and the Secretary of the Regents office on funding, compliance and other issues to ensure success of capital proposals. Under the Certification Checklist Process, eligible projects less than $70 million are verified for policy compliance. Capital Planning collaborates with campuses on proposed policy and process revisions; provides information required by State agencies; and responds to project-specific queries.

Dana Santa Cruz

Director of Capital Planning

Design Services

We support systemwide capital project design.

Design Services supports capital project design approvals, and CEQA approvals and compliance. We recommend design and construction policy to the Regents, represent University interests on building code development, and coordinate with governmental agencies. Design Services manages the Designated Campus Fire Marshal program, and acts as a resource to campuses for code interpretations.

Construction Services

We provide support, policy and contract guidance for campus capital programs and construction staff.

Construction Services provides guidance, support, and training to campus capital programs and construction staff. We provide campuses with innovative strategic options to deliver projects, manage costs, and mitigate project risk by advocating industry best practices and crafting complementary policies, procedures, guidelines, contract documents, and educational opportunities. We assist campuses in resolving construction disputes in an equitable and legal manner by offering advice and chairing the Construction Review Board. Construction Services Capital Program Institute leverages industry partnerships and UC professionals to educate over 800 annual UC registrants on more than a dozen critical topics.

Real Estate Services & Strategies

We oversee policy, transactions and activities for university-related real estate.

Working closely with each campus, RESS is responsible for negotiating acquisitions, sales and ground leases. We provide assistance to campuses and medical centers on strategic planning, business case analysis, due diligence and market, valuation, and financial feasibility analysis for real estate matters. RESS supports campus leasing, licensing and other real estate activities with consulting services, training, documents and forms. RESS also accepts, manages and sells endowment real estate received via gift and bequest, and consults with campus foundations.

Asset Management and Physical Planning

We support systemwide land use planning, physical development, facilities operations and asset management.

Asset Management and Physical Planning provides system-wide guidance on land use planning, physical development and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance.  We provide CEQA guidance on Long Range Development Plans, Capital Projects, Real Estate Transactions, and other activities. 


Office of Loan Programs

We are the systemwide source of mortgage lending products for eligible faculty and senior managers.

The Office of Loan Programs designs, delivers and manages housing assistance programs for the recruitment and retention of faculty and senior managers in support of the education, research and public service missions of the University of California. We strive to maintain superior customer satisfaction by providing timely, accurate and cost-effective mortgage products, researching new product alternatives and evaluating industry processes and changes to continually improve delivery of services.Read More about the Office of Loan Programs

Jennifer Mays

Interim Director & Operations Manager

Energy and Sustainability

We develop innovative strategies to meet our carbon neutrality and other sustainability goals.

Energy and Sustainability supports efficient use of university resources and helps chart a path to carbon neutrality through its leadership and coordination across climate and energy, transportation, green building, zero waste, water and food programs and initiatives. We are leading a bold new effort to change the sources of the energy that UC consumes through our energy services unit.

David Phillips

David Phillips

Associate Vice President, Energy and Sustainability


Energy Services

We develop strategies and policies to support efficient operation, maintenance and renewal of UC's energy.

ESU supports the university’s diverse asset base and helps to chart a path to carbon neutrality with increased procurement transparency. Program areas include wholesale electric, retail load (e.g. campus energy efficiency and renewable energy), natural gas and biogas procurement and development, management of environmental attributes (e.g. carbon allowances), university legislative and regulatory representation on facility issues, and the purchased utility database.


Develops, coordinates and supports campus sustainability efforts throughout the UC system.

Financial Accounting

We provide systemwide financial management, reporting, policy, procedures and administrative services in support of UC's mission.

Financial Accounting provides numerous systemwide support functions, including financial management and reporting in connection with employee benefits, debts, federal and other extramurally funded projects, endowment funds, and campus foundations. We oversee financial accounting policy, initiate changes to the Payroll/Personnel System, and develop systemwide policy and procedures regarding payroll, disbursements and tax matters. For UCOP, we operate the shared administrative services center.

Procurement Services

We develop and implement systemwide supply chain strategies and policies that leverage UC's vast purchasing power to optimize University spend.

UC Procurement uses strategic and collaborative sourcing methods supported by technology and data analysis to optimize spend across the UC system, creating significant savings for the University.

UC Procurement partners with campus procurement teams to standardize policies, practices and agreements to make it easier to do business with the University.  OUR STORY

Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Risk Services

We enable university faculty, staff and students to identify and manage risks associated with their activities.

The Office of Risk Services is responsible for developing and implementing Enterprise Risk Management systemwide, identifying and developing strategies to minimize the impact of risk, developing a center of excellence for managing risk, reducing costs and improving safety by executing new ideas and strategic plans in a rapid manner. By strategically managing risk we can reduce the chances of loss, create greater financial stability and protect our resources in support of UC's mission.

Risk Summit
Risk Summit Schedule at a Glance

Cheryl Lloyd

Cheryl Lloyd

Associate Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

UC Investments

We at UC Investments (The Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents) manage University of California investment funds and provide fiduciary oversight.

Annual Report 2020-2021

The UC Investments Way

FY2020-2021 Investment Returns

UC Investments currently manages a portfolio of investments totaling approximately $161 billion, which includes retirement, endowment, and cash assets.

Since 2015, UC Investments has integrated material environmental, social and governance risk factors into our investment process because doing so improves our ability to calculate risk-adjusted returns. We are pleased to share our progress on our sustainable investing journey.

As part of the University of California, UC Investments is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We turn our commitment into action via our Diversified Returns program.

Building a Risk Culture at UC Investments

Jagdeep Singh Bachher

Jagdeep Singh Bachher

Chief Investment Officer, Vice President of Investments

UC Legal - Office of the General Counsel

We are the systemwide source of legal representation, advice and guidance.

UC Legal - Office of the General Counsel (UCL) provides legal services to the university, including representation, advice, research and training. We also provide legal opinions to the Board of Regents, administration, faculty, staff and others acting on the university's behalf. We report jointly to the Board of Regents and the president. Learn more

Charles F. Robinson

Charles F. Robinson

General Counsel and Vice President – Legal Affairs

UC National Laboratories

We provide contract management and oversight of LBNL and ensure UC obligations for the LLCs that operate LANL and LLNL.

The Regents of the University of California have a long and rich history in the management and operation of three U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories as a service to the nation that spans more than 80 years:

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab or LBNL) since 1931
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) since 1943
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) since 1952

Read more about UC National Laboratories

Craig S. Leasure, Ph.D.

Craig S. Leasure, Ph.D.

Vice President

UC Operations

We oversee and develop policy for the university's business operations.

UC Operations provides systemwide leadership and oversight of human resource administration, information technology, the UCPath Center, and the project and initiative management unit. This division also oversees the budget and operations within the Office of the President itself.

Rachael Nava

Rachael Nava

Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Officer


Systemwide Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing a vision, strategy and environment to engage, empower and involve the university's human capital, in the present and onwards.



2021 Top 40 CHRO Award


2020 MarCom Awards


2017 AVA Award


2018 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence award


2018 UCDA Design Competition award


2017 Skillsoft Innovation Award

Learn more about Systemwide Human Resources

Cheryl Lloyd

Cheryl Lloyd

Vice President


Talent Management

Helping align our human capital and mission.

Systemwide Talent Management facilitates integrated talent management strategies in collaboration with location partners, addressing shared priorities, leveraging best practices and eliminating redundancies across UC's human resources enterprise.

Learn more about Systemwide Talent Management and their programs

Integrated Talent Management
Learn how Talent Management integrates various HR functions into an interconnected whole, providing the structure, programs, tools and resources necessary for University employees of all levels, throughout the system to thrive and excel

UC Managing Implicit Bias Series

My UC Career

UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate

Systemwide Talent Management eCourses

Systemwide Human Resources Fellows Program

UC Location Staff Workforce Profiles

UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative

UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development

UC Management Development Program

UC People Management Conference

Benefits Programs & Strategy

Enhancing the well-being of our employees and their families.

Systemwide Benefits Programs & Strategy manages and creates health benefits strategy and programs that enhance the well-being of our employees and their families.

Learn more about Systemwide Benefits Programs & Strategy

UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS)
View and manage your UCRP retirement information

Compensation Programs & Strategy

Compensation policy and program design, tools and systems.

Systemwide Compensation Programs & Strategy oversees compensation policy and program design, tools and systems, working closely with compensation and human resource professionals at the ten campuses and five medical centers.

Learn more about Systemwide Compensation Programs & Strategy

Compensation Programs & Strategy Org. Chart (pdf)

SMG Coordinators by Location
Assisting Senior Management Group members at each location

HR Policy

Oversees personnel policy, programs, guidelines and procedures.

Systemwide HR Policy is responsible for developing and interpreting personnel policies and other employment-related programs, guidelines and procedures for staff employees. 

COVID-19 Related Leaves Guidance for CHROs

HR Policy Resources

Learn more about Systemwide HR Policy

Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and Selected Systemwide Policies

Senior Management Group (SMG) Human Resources Policies

Policy Creation and Review Process

HR Policies and Policy Owners

Employee Relations

Building an environment in which people can do their best work.

Systemwide Employee Relations is responsible for facilitating the development and implementation of strategies and initiatives that build an environment of employee engagement in which people can do their best work.

Learn more about Systemwide Employee Relations' Mission, Additional Programs and Resources

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence Prevention and Resolution

Staff Engagement

Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB)

HR Compliance

Partners with UC locations to ensure legal, regulatory and policy compliance.

Systemwide HR Compliance works with UC locations to ensure compliance with appropriate employment laws, regulations and HR policies.

Learn more about Systemwide HR Compliance

Labor Relations

Negotiates and administers systemwide labor agreements.

Systemwide Labor Relations is responsible for negotiating and administering 14 systemwide labor agreements and 20 local agreements with 9 unions, covering over 94,000 academic and staff employees across the UC system. 

Systemwide Labor Agreements

Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC)

Supporting University members with their pension, health benefits and overall transition into retirement.

The Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) counsels members of the University as they transition into retirement and provides long-term pension and retirement health benefits support.

RASC Highlights

UC Retirement At Your Service
UC Retirement Plan and UC retiree health benefits portal

Retirement Benefits

Preparing for Retirement Video Presentation

Preparing for Retirement Process

Summary of Plan Data

Retirement Programs & Services

Coordinates the University's retirement benefit programs, plans and support.

Systemwide Retirement Programs & Services coordinates the University's retirement benefit programs and plans, and conducts retirement related research, policy development, benefit design, costing and fiduciary oversight for the University.

Learn more about Systemwide Retirement Programs & Services

Information Technology Services

We deliver data and technology services and, through collaboration with partners, transform the role of Information Technology to advance the UC mission.

The work of ITS touches many aspects of university life. Prospective students use applyUC to apply online for undergraduate admissions. Faculty and staff use  At Your Service Online to access their benefits and retirement plans.

See our IT metrics.

Van Williams

Van Williams

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Operational Services

We support common operational systems and services for the university.

Operational Services delivers systemwide payroll, HR, academic personnel and benefits administration services through UCPath, and general operations, including Budget, HR, Building, IT, Procurement and Business Services, for the Office of the President.



Associate Vice President, Operational Services



The transactional hub for the university’s HR, payroll benefits, general ledger, work force administration and academic processes.

UCOP Operations

UCOP Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Office of the President.

Strategy and Program Management Office

We support UC's President and leadership to advance strategic planning and decision-making on UC-wide priorities.

The Strategy and Program Management Office (SPMO) serves the Office of the President in four key areas:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Systemwide Task Forces & Initiatives
  3. PEO Portfolio Management
  4. Organizational Design

Introduction to SPMO's work and the UCOP Strategic Framework.

Julian Ryu

Julian Ryu


University of California Health

We advance the health education, research and clinical service missions of the University.

University of California Health (UCH) comprises six academic health centers, 20 health professional schools, a Global Health Institute and systemwide services that improve the health of patients and the University’s students, faculty and employees. All of UC’s hospitals are ranked among the best in California and its medical schools and health professional schools are nationally ranked in their respective areas.


Carrie L. Byington, MD

Carrie L. Byington, MD

Executive Vice President