About us

The Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) is a small department that seeks to assist with specific gift matters, as well as coordinate particular matters where a systemwide report/stance is merited. The mission of IA is to promote, expedite, encourage and assist the campuses and other parts of the university in increasing private, voluntary support of the university. Some activities of IA include the following:

  • Policy interpretation, coordination and oversight for volunteer and private support-related matters;
  • Services to the campuses in support of their fundraising activities, including direct and indirect financial support to defray related costs; and review and counsel on specific gift agreements;
  • Central “Hub” for inquiries pertaining to private, voluntary support;
  • Management of reports and analyses of fundraising activities at UC and comparison institutions;
  • Advice and counsel with respect to university policies and state and federal laws pertaining to fundraising;
  • Assurance of accountability in the private support program;
  • Oversight for endowment administration matters; and
  • Miscellaneous and sundry matters related to private support or UC’s status as a 501(c)(3) entity.