People in accessibility

Governance Committee. The UCOP Ethics and Compliance Risk Committee (ECRC) is the governing committee for the UCOP IT Accessibility Program. The ECRC supports implementation of the program at UCOP, helping to advocate for accessibility and to resolve any compliance issues that may arise.

Work Group. The UCOP IT Accessibility Work Group represents various functional areas at UCOP. These include information technology, communications, human resources, procurement, compliance, the California Digital Library, and Innovation Alliances and Services. Any UCOP department interested in participating should contact Judy Thai in Information Technology Services.

The Work Group implements the UCOP IT Accessibility Program, including education activities and IT staff training. More information about the group’s charge is included in the UCOP IT Accessibility Program description document (pdf). The work group also coordinates activities with the systemwide Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team to promote consistent policy interpretation and implementation and to encourage resource sharing across UC.


  • Michael Aires (Communications)
  • Fatima Azam (GUEA)
  • Jenn Bejaka (ITS)
  • Ryan Chan (IRAP)
  • Fernando Corral (GUEA)
  • Jackie DiOrio (ITS/Records Management)
  • Douglas Harriman (Systemwide HR)
  • Rachael Hu (CDL)
  • Darin Jensen (IRAP)
  • Ken Lumnaokrut (ITS)
  • Brian McNeilly (ITS)
  • Alissa Moe (GUEA)
  • Sarah Oldenburg (Communications)
  • Jason Schupp (Communications)
  • Judy Thai (ITS), chair