Parking Enrollment & Information

Parking Enrollment

All Oakland-based UCOP employees who wish to park in UCOP managed garages, must enroll with the Work Management Center (WMC) through the online enrollment form. You will be required to share your employee ID to enroll in the parking program. If you are a new UCOP employee, you will need to confirm your active employee ID assigned by UC Path. You will also need to complete the UCOP Parking Participant Contract with an electronic signature and attach it to the online enrollment form where requested. The contract outlines parking program location and plan options, current parking rates (subject to change with 90-day notice), and applicable program policies and procedures. The WMC must approve the participant’s selected parking plan for the contract to go into effect.

 Parking Information

The following parking lots and locations are available to UC employees and affiliates. Employees may be able to pay their parking expenses using pre-tax dollars. Learn more about the pre-tax UCOP Parking Policy and Procedures (pdf).

Oakland-based employees at the Franklin-Broadway campus have the option for either monthly or daily parking in the 1111 Franklin building.

Franklin-Broadway Campus Parking, Oakland, CA (385 spaces)

  • 1111 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Electric-vehicle charging available on Level 3 of garage

Franklin-Broadway Toll Arm Instructions: wait for your car to be detected and the toll arm to go up. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE TOLL GATE UNTIL THE ARM HAS RETURNED TO IT’S DOWN POSITION AFTER THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU HAS GONE THROUGH.

For more information, please see the UCOP Parking Program FAQs (pdf) for the Franklin-Broadway Campus Parking. 

UCDC Parking, Washington, D.C.

  • 1608 Rhode Island Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20036
  • Contact: Mac Hamlett, (202) 974-6365,

UCPath Center Parking (also known as UCOP Riverside IntelliCenter), Riverside, CA

PLEASE NOTE:  Parking participants are restricted to parking one vehicle at a time. Violation of parking policies may result in parking access being revoked and potential fees.

For issues or questions, contact


Bicycle Storage

Bike lockups are available at no cost and are easily accessible on Level 1 of the Franklin Garage and through the Broadway 12th street entrance. Bikes are prohibited from entering Franklin and Broadway lobbies. There is no on-site charging of e-bikes within the Franklin or Broadway building. Any e-bikes stored cannot be plugged in to charge. Leaving e-bikes plugged in to charge unattended is a known fire hazard.