Tobacco industry funding

Regental Resolution 89 (RE-89), approved by The Regents in September 2007, requires that each UC campus establish a process for ensuring that any proposal submitted to a company whose primary business is the manufacture and sale of tobacco products, or any agency that is substantially controlled or acting on behalf of a tobacco company, must first undergo scientific peer review.  

RE-89 creates guidelines for the creation of review committees, outlines the way in which the review is to be conducted, and requires that the Committee outline its recommendations in a written report to the Chancellor.  

It  also requires that a Chancellor provide the researcher, the President, and The Regents with a written determination approving or disapproving the request to submit the proposal.  

No proposal for extramural funding may be submitted to a tobacco company without a campus prior review and approval under the provisions set forth in RE-89.

Contact: Michael Kusiak at or (510) 987-0659.


September 20, 2007

Adoption of Policy Requiring Special Review/Approval Procedures Prior to University Submission of Research Proposals to Tobacco Industry Funders

Letter to chancellors concerning RE-89 FEBRUARY 5, 2008 PDF

FEBRUARY 5, 2008

Letter from President Robert Dynes to Chancellors concerning the implementation of RE-89

Application of RE-89: What companies are covered? UPDATED JULY 2009 PDF


List of potential research sponsors that are covered by RE-89.