RPAC and its partners in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS), including Innovation Alliances and Services (IAS), maintain various tools to support University of California researchers and research administrators throughout the life-cycle of a sponsored research project.

REMS: Research Enterprise Management System

An application that allows campuses to request new sponsor codes and indirect cost rate exceptions.

Non-Profit and State of California Agency Guidance

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This application is a repository of policy guidance for non-profit entities and State of California agencies. The application is managed as part of Operational Tools, a suite of tools that provides guidance and data about UC's research portfolio. To use the application, you must request access to Operational Tools.

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Representations and Certifications

Representations and certifications are written guarantees made by institutions to sponsoring agencies.

OTT operational tools Link

Tools maintained by IAS including: Non-Profit and State Database (a repository of policy guidance for Non-Profit entities and the State of California); Faculty Relationships Profile; UC Start-ups; Company/UC Relationships Profile; and Systemwide Master Agreements.

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clause guidance Link

This page provides RPAC guidance on FAR, DFAR and NASA FAR clauses that are frequently proposed in research contracts to universities