Conflict of interest

UC addresses the various aspects of financial conflicts of interests in research through a number of principles, guidelines and policies intended to promote the conduct of research without bias and with the highest scientific and ethical standards.

Policies & Guidance

Conflict-of-interest policy for PHS-funded research PDF

August 23, 2012

Policy on the disclosure of financial interests and management of conflicts of interest in Public Health Service research awards

Federal Register: PHS Final Rule for Promoting Objectivity in Research PDF | NIH Financial Conflict of Interest Policy Page Link

Conflict-of-interest policy for NSF and other UC-funded research Link

Effective December 23, 2014

Policy on disclosure of financial interests and management of conflicts of interest related to sponsored projects.

NSF Conflicts of Interest Page Link

List of Non-governmental Entities Exempt From Disclosure Requirement Link

November 2013

A list of research sponsors approved by the university and the Fair Political Practices Commission that are exempt from the university's non-governmental entity financial disclosure requirement.

Institutional Conflicts of Interest in Research: Principles, Policies and Guidance PDF

RPAC Memo 11-05: June 1, 2011

Information pertaining to currently existing systemwide University principles, guidelines, and policies pertaining to institutional conflicts of interests in research.

Business and Finance Bulletin G-39 PDF

Conflict-of-interest policy and compendium of specialized university policies, guidelines and regulations related to conflict-of-interest.

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