Conversations about Women in the Workplace

PACSW is launching an exciting series of conversations about women's leadership in the workplace, specifically at UCOP, from November 2013 to October 2014.

Women We Admire

Since 2009, PACSW has sponsored the "Women We Admire" speaker series, in which women from around the UC system have shared their insights about their careers, workplace challenges, and work-life balance.

Professional Development Sponsorships

In support of its commitment to foster leadership, career development and advancement for UCOP employees, PACSW sponsors attendance at workshops, conferences, seminars, or academic/online courses.

Making Power Moves: Women & Leadership

Sign up by Sept. 2! A course designed specifically for UCOP employees to provide practical information that will help in career advancement. Sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings October through December 2014 in the Franklin building. Enrollment is limited.

Take Charge: Developing a Career Strategy

A six-month UCOP program designed specifically for administrative and support staff, designed to provide participants with tools to better manage and direct their careers. Co-developed by HR Learning & Development and PACSW.