Membership of the President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women consists of career UCOP employees or career UC employees assigned to work at UCOP.

New members are recommended by the general membership, reviewed by the Executive Board and appointed by the UCOP Business Operations Vice President. The period of membership and officer service is two years.

For more information on membership and officer duties, view the PACSW charter (pdf).

Committee Chair Margaret Wu, Managing Counsel, Litigation, Office of General Counsel
Co-Vice Chairs

Jocelyn Surla Banaria, Analyst, Institutional Research and Academic Planning

Lena Zentall, Project Manager, California Digital Library


Karen Vecchi, Risk Manager, Risk Services

Jeannie Malanowski , Organizational Consultant, Strategic Resources Group

Treasurer Erin Marnocha, Program Coordinator, Natural Reserve System

Current members

  • Dena Bullard, Coordinator, Health Sciences & Services
  • Susan Carlson, Vice Provost, Academic Personnel
  • Tina Combs, Deputy General Counsel, Business & Land Use, Office of General Counsel
  • Jan Corlett, Chief of Staff, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Lourdes Demattos, Research Plcy Mngr/Contract & Grant Officer, Research Plcy Analysis & Coor
  • Barbara Allen Diaz, Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Rachael Howard, Policy Specialist, Human Resources
  • Alisa Hsiu, Business Systems Analyst, HR Benefits Information Systems
  • Pamela Jennings, Director of Graduate Studies, Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Teresa Johnson, Senior Administrative Analyst, Research Grants Program Office
  • Monica Lin, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Student Affair
  • Tricia Lyall, Executive Analyst, Office of the Secretary of the Regents
  • Carolyn McMillan, Manager Content Strategy, Communications
  • Patricia Osorio-O'Dea, Deputy to the Vice Provost, APPC
  • Hanh Quach, Principal Analyst, Health Sciences & Services
  • Mary Anne Rasmussen, Director, Systemwide Talent Management
  • Mingli Wang, Business Systems Analyst, HR Benefits Information Systems
  • Jeannene Whalen, Policy Specialist, Human Resources
  • Deborah Wylie, Associate Vice President, Capital Resources Management
  • Xiaohui Zheng, Coordinator, Institutional Research and Academic Planning