Application Hosting

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
Departments may request to have Windows applications hosted in the UCOP cloud computing environment. Departmental personnel will be able to access the application from any location that has network access and using most, including non Windows, devices. Business data is housed in a secure data center, rather than on a device, and application management is provided centrally and cost effectively.

Prior to being approved for the UCOP cloud computing environment, applications are reviewed for security, licensing compliance, redundancy, hardware dependencies, suitability for the web, and other issues.

How to Order or Request Support
Use the IT Staff Services section of the Service Hub to request support, or call (510) 987-0457.

Availability of Service
24/7 except during planned outages.

All UCOP departments, including the UCPath Center. ITS also can host applications for campus departments. Users must have an existing UCOP AD account. Users are responsible for maintaining licenses to the software, if applicable, and sending notification to Service Hub when their license to the software has expired.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the project and are finalized in discussion with the customer.