Our facility

The facility that houses the Riverside-based UCPath Center was chosen, in part, because it exceeds the university’s sustainable policies, which are among the most comprehensive and far-reaching in the nation.

Built in 2008, the building is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. This certification ensures that the building was designed to reduce consumption of energy and water while being healthier for occupants.

During construction builders used regionally purchased materials and also recycled excess construction waste. Materials, such as adhesives, sealant, paints, coatings and flooring systems were chosen for their low- or no-volatile organic compound emissions. Tiled carpeting, made from 45 percent recycled materials, reduces the need for total replacement of worn and soiled carpet.

Large and numerous double-paned windows provide natural daylight. The indoor lighting system automatically adjusts as needed. The HVAC and electrical systems are located beneath the raised flooring, virtually eliminating the need for ducting and allowing for easier repair and replacement. An outdoor air delivery monitoring system and increased ventilation help to keep indoor air quality in-check. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are installed throughout the building and reclaimed water is used to irrigate the exterior landscaping.

And of course, a program to recycle paper, aluminum and organic materials is in place throughout the building.

These efforts will help the University of California meet its pledge that by 2020 the university will:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels, which represents a reduction of approximately 50 percent compared to business as usual.
  • Achieve zero waste.
  • Reduce water consumption by 20 percent.