ITSC Roster

  • Members are appointed by the ITLC member of UC campuses, UC Health, UC-affiliated national laboratories, Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Office of the President
  • Appointed members should be CIOs or those that report directly to CIOs such as Deputy/Assistant CIOs or an IT Strategic Sourcing Lead.
  • The ITLC will appoint a chair/ITLC liaison of that committee and will revisit annually
  • The IT Sourcing Program Manager (ITSPM) will coordinate the schedule and activities of the group. The ITSPM will functionally report to the IT Sourcing Committee but will be employed from a location and will report to the CIO there for performance management.
  • UC Procurement Services will appoint a liaison to serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.
  • Members of partner communities will be regularly invited to open meetings for information sharing and transparency, to participate in appropriate work-groups and forums, and to participate as needed in other forums.
Name Location Title ITSC Role
Gabe Youtsey ANR CIO ANR Representative
Richard Gregory Berkeley Lab Infrastructure Manager LBL Liason
David Willson UCB Strategic Technology Acquisition Manager ITSC Chair, UCB Representative
Brittany Duyanovich UCD Procurement Services UCD Representative
Morna Mellor UCD Senior Director, Enteprise Services UCD Representative (voting)
Barbara Stanton UCD Health Director, Business Operations UCD Health Representative
Marina Arseniev UCI Director of Central Services UCI Representative
Babette Vogel  UCI Director, Business Services UCI Representative 
Laurie Gale UCI Health Project Manager UCI Health Representative
LeAnn Story UCLA Director, IT Program Management Office UCLA Representative
Jennifer Ferry  UCLA Assistant CIO, Strategy, Planning & Operations UCLA representative
Constance Jordan UCLA Manager, Contracts and Assets UCLA Interim Representative
Ben Nathan UCLA SOM CIO (ITLC Liaison) ITLC Liaison
Meagan Torres UCM Strategic Sourcing Manager UCM Representative
Tom Trappler UCOP Associate Director for IT Sourcing, UC Procurement UC IT Sourcing Associate Director
Shirley Bittlingmeier UCOP Client Services Officer UCOP Representative
John Arbolino UCOP IT Sourcing Manager UCOP Representative
Cesar Higueros UCR Director of Network Engineering UCR Representative
Mike Kennedy UCR CTO UCR Representative 
Elise Meyer UCSB Director, Business Operations & Planning UCSB Representative
Hillary Hamm UCSC Software Licensing Coordinator SSG Chair
Ellen Friel UCSC UCSC Representative 
Brett Pollak UCSD Director, Workplace Technology Services UCSD Representative
Ryan Wolff UCSD Health Finance Manager UCSD Health Representative
Derek Dutt UCSD Health Director, Infrastructure UCSD Health Representative (voting)
Vince Kellen UCSD CIO ITLC Liaison