UC Sponsored Legislation


AB 616 (Aguiar-Curry) would authorize the program to increase tuition by five percent each year by extending the tuition sunset date for another five years.

 AB 1424 (Levine) would remove the sunset date on the Best Value Construction Pilot Program. 

 SB 23 (Portantino) would extend the sunset on the University of California Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program (UCBCP), from 2018 to 2025.

 SB 331 (Jackson) would seek to amend the definition of what constitutes a “domestic violence victim service organization” under section 1037.1(b) of the Evidence Code in order to allow UC domestic violence counselors to hold privilege. 

 SB 440 (Hertzberg) would reauthorize the tax check-offs for the California Breast Cancer Research Fund and the California Cancer Research Fund for the next seven years. The American Cancer Society (ACS) is co-sponsor to this bill.