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Nonresident supplemental tuition exemptions (including AB 540)

In some cases, students are classified as nonresidents, but are not charged nonresident supplemental tuition. The most common of these exemptions and waivers are:

AB 540 and California Dream Act

Under California law AB 540, certain nonresident students are exempt from paying nonresident supplemental tuition. To be eligible for this exemption a student must meet a combination of California time and enrollment requirements as well as degree or unit attainment.

Undocumented students who meet AB540 requirements are also eligible to be considered for financial aid through the California DREAM Act application.

T or U visa holders, Refugee, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The are certain individuals that are eligible for a Special Circumstance Resident Classification. These individuals are eligible for an immediate Resident Classification  after which the student must qualify having fulfilled the physical presence and intent requirements.

Spouse, registered domestic partner, or child of deceased law enforcement officer or firefighter

A student who is a child, spouse, or registered domestic partner of a deceased law enforcement officer or firefighter who, at the time of death, was a resident of California, may be entitled to a waiver from Nonresident Supplemental Tuition.


UC Policy provides for military provisions under state and federal law.

Learn more about military provisions

Other Provisions:

Dependent of a California resident parent (Condit Bill)

A student who is a dependent child of a California resident parent (if the parent has been a resident for more than one year immediately before the residence determination date) may be entitled to a one year conditional resident classification. During this one year conditional resident classification, the student must fulfill the residency requirements by the relevant deadlines in order to qualify for a continued resident classification for subsequent terms.

Ward of the Court or Foster

A Student who resides in California and who is or was a dependent or ward of the court through the California Child Welfare System is eligible for a Resident Classification.

A student who was a foster youth or ward of the court in another state is considered as Independent and eligible to qualify for a Resident Classification based on fulfillment of physical presence and intent.


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