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Appealing residency determination

All appeals are handled by the systemwide Office of General Counsel. If you receive a nonresident classification from your campus, it is unlikely that the decision will be reversed on appeal.

Can I appeal a nonresident classification?

You can only appeal your classification as a nonresident if at least one of these things is true:

  1. The decision to classify you as a nonresident was based on an error made by UC, including:

    • a significant error of fact,
    • a significant procedural error, or
    • an incorrect application of policy

    which, if corrected, would require that you be reclassified as a resident.

  2. You’ve received significant new information that became available after the date of the campus decision classifying you as a nonresident.

Appeals based solely on disagreement with campus decisions will not be accepted. Appeals that fail to provide clear explanation, fully supported by relevant documentation (if any), will be rejected.

How to submit an appeal

If you do plan to appeal, you should carefully read the full policy and instructions: Instructions to Appeal a Nonresident Determination and Application to Appeal (pdf).

To appeal, you must send the following documents to the Office of General Counsel within 30 days of being notified of the residence deputy’s final decision (no exceptions will be made to the 30-day deadline):

  1. Application to Appeal a Nonresident Classification (pdf)
  2. Copy of the nonresident determination issued by the campus
  3. Relevant documentation supporting the bases for your appeal

Ways to send your appeal documents:

  • By email: (preferred)
  • By fax: 510-987-9757, Attention: Residency Analyst
  • By mail:
    Residency Analyst, UC Office of the General Counsel
    1111 Franklin St.
    Oakland, CA 94607-5200

What to expect after you submit an appeal

A residency analyst in the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) will determine whether you have stated appropriate grounds for appeal and will respond to your appeal vial email. It will take OGC about six to eight weeks to schedule your appeal for review after receipt.

The decision on your appeal is final. You may not file any further appeals of nonresident classification for the term for which you have been declared a nonresident. You must contact your campus residency deputy to discuss the proper steps to file a petition for a resident reclassification for a future term within campus deadlines.

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