Chapter 2-200: Solicitation Authority

"The Regents of the University of California" is the name of the corporation established under the Constitution of the State of California and charged with administering the University as a public trust. The governing body of the Corporation is known as The Board of Regents. No solicitation or application for extramural support of research, training, or public service programs shall be made officially in the name of The Regents without the prior approval of The Regents or of an authorized official of the University. This authorization is by formal delegation of contract and grant authority.

Standing Order 100.4(dd) authorizes the President of the University to solicit and accept or execute such proposals and awards, with stated exceptions. The President has redelegated this authority to the Provost and Executive Vice President, Vice President – Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), the Director of Federal Governmental Relations, Chancellors, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Director who have, in turn, re-delegated their authority, with varying levels and limitations, to the appropriate Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Contract and Grant Officers. For a discussion of the legal authorities related to the solicitation of proposals, see Chapter 13 of this Manual.

2-210 Who may Submit Proposals

The Principal Investigator policy, which describes who is eligible to submit proposals, is outlined in Chapter 1-500 of this Manual. It is also reprinted in the Faculty Handbook. Members of the Academic Senate and appointees in other eligible title groups listed in the policy may submit proposals. With the approval of a Chancellor, Vice President, or the Dean of University Extension, University personnel with other faculty and staff titles not listed may submit proposals, subject to certain conditions. (See Chapter 1-530.)