Chapter 9-300: Authority to Conduct Fundraising Campaigns

9-310 Regents' Policy and Authority of the President

The Regents’ Policy on Fundraising Campaigns (July 16, 1993) defines fundraising campaigns as organized efforts to solicit gifts and grants for any University purpose from multiple private sources such as individuals, firms, corporations, groups, and/or foundations. This Policy applies to all forms of fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the University, whether conducted by the University, Campus Foundations, University Support Groups, or individuals or organizations outside the University. The Policy does not apply to instances where family or friends of a deceased person announce that contributions may be sent to the University in lieu of other remembrances.

All fundraising campaigns are subject to the following conditions:

  1. All fundraising activities shall conform to established University programs and policies; and
  2. Fundraising activities shall not obligate the University to expend funds in excess of budgeted items.

9-320 Delegation of Authority to Approve and Conduct Fundraising Campaigns

The President has delegated authority to approve and conduct fund-raising campaigns to the Chancellors, the Vice-President-Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Senior Vice-President-University Affairs [May 26, 1994]. The delegation contains the restrictions and conditions outlined in the Regents’ Policy on Fundraising Campaigns (July 16, 1993). The authority to approve fundraising campaigns may not be re-delegated.

While a fundraising campaign may be approved by The Regents according to Regents’ policy, and by the President, the Chancellors, the Vice President-Agriculture and Natural Resources, or the Senior Vice-President-University Affairs as provided in the delegation of authority, the acceptance of gifts and private grants themselves in support of fundraising campaigns must be accordance with the delegations of authority which cover gifts and contracts and grants. (See Chapter 13 of this Manual for further information on delegation of contract and grant authority.) As such, individual gifts in excess of the authority delegated by the President to Chancellors and the Vice Presidents must be approved separately by the President or Senior Vice President–University Affairs, even if they are part of a previously approved fundraising campaign. Individual grants in excess of the contract and grant authority delegated to Chancellors and Vice Presidents must be accepted by the Office of the President Research Administration Office.