UC Uniform Guidance Workgroup

In preparation for the December 26, 2014 of implementation of Uniform Guidance, the University of California convened a workgroup of experts across the the UC system to analyze these new rules and develop implementations plans for the university:

The workgroup, which complements local campus workgroups, had the following major goals:

  • Analyze the changes in the Uniform Guidance against the requirements in the previous OMB Circulars (A-21, A-110 and A-133)
  • Assess the scope of the changes vis-à-vis UC policy and campus procedures
  • Recommend actions needed at the systemwide and local levels to conform with the implementation of the new guidance on December 26, 2014

On December 5, 2014, the workgroup issued its assessment report.

Workgroup Members

Office of the President
Andrew Boulter
Joao Pires
Wendy Streitz
Michael Kusiak
Jeffrey Warner
Valerie Dixon
Debbie Shen

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Kathy Nolan
Youssef Kubis
Pamela Miller
Patrick Schlesinger
Todd Vizenor

Debra Henn
Amy Holzman
Cindy Kiel
Mike Legrand
James Ringo

Helen Chang
Nancy Lewis
Sandra Stevens
Los Angeles
Joe Andreu
Cindy Gilbert
Kathy Kawamura
Sharon Lam
Patti Manheim

Autumn Tjalsma Salazar
Thea Vicari

Bobbi McCracken

San Diego
Duyen Aller
Mark Cooper
Lynelle Gehrke
Darryl James

San Francisco
Nilo Mia
Marge O'Halloran
Tom Poon

Santa Barbara
Jessica Ajao
Vaughn Boyle
Cora Diaz
Jacob Godfrey
Calli Price
Melissa Waver

Santa Cruz
Deirdre Beach
Marcie Coulter