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Consistent with the University of California’s (UC’s) commitment to its workforce, the Regents enacted Regents Policy 5402 in November 2019, which focused UC work on its current employees and prohibited the contracting out of certain services except in specific circumstances. In January of 2020, UC and AFSCME agreed to similar language (known as Article 5) in the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) for their EX and SX bargaining units.

Regents Policy 5402 and AFSCME Article 5 state that suppliers must provide their employees working at UC locations with wages & benefits of equivalent value to those provided to UC AFSCME bargaining unit employees performing the same or similar work at those UC locations (Wage & Benefit Parity or WBP).

UC also updated its Terms & Conditions to require suppliers pay the WBP rates outlined by UC for each location, and requires suppliers to provide verification of WBP compliance with an independent audit upon request.

Watch the video and download the Audit Instructions for WBP Compliance Verification for current audit dates and details on verification procedures.


WBP Forms:
Document Date Format
WBP Audit Verification form 11.26.22 PDF*
Audit Instructions for WBP Compliance Verification 11.26.22 PDF
WBP Audit Exception form 11.26.22 XLSX
WBP Audit Firm Contact List 11.26.22 XLSX
*This is a fillable PDF with an electronic signature box that only displays in certain browsers or if downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat. This document can also be printed and completed manually.