Membership of the President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women consists of career and contract UCOP employees or career and contract UC employees assigned to work at UCOP.

New members are recommended by the general membership, reviewed by the Executive Board and appointed by PACSW's executive sponsor, Rachael Nava, Executive Vice President — Chief Operating Officer. The period of membership and officer service is two years.

For more information on membership and officer duties, view the PACSW charter (pdf).

Committee Chair

Shirley Bittlingmeier, Client Services Officer, Information Technology Services

Co-Vice Chairs

Rebekah Fernandez, Director, Executive Compensation Programs and Strategy, Systemwide Human Resources

Janna Tom, Director, Research Policy Analysis and Coordination


Christine Moy Harmon, Associate Director, Marketing, Online Strategic Partnerships and Programs, ILTI

Jenné Vargas-Maes, Executive Assistant, President's Executive Office


Kathleen Erwin, Director, UC Research Initiatives, Research Grants Program Office

Barbara Heilmann, Senior Event Planner, Business Resource Center

Current members

  • Julia Arno, Director of Contracts & Grants, Research Grants Program Office
  • Jennifer Bunge, Budget Director, UC Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Vanessa Cavallaro, HR Fellow, Systemwide Human Resources 
  • Evelyn Cheng, Systemwide Title IX Program Coordinator
  • Blaze Farrar, Budget Analyst, Diversity and Engagement
  • Susan Fogel, Senior Paralegal, Office of General Counsel
  • Jerlena Griffin-Desta, Associate Vice President, Student Development & Engagement/Deputy to the Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Yvette Gullatt, Vice Provost and Chief Outreach Officer, Diversity and Engagement
  • Fredye Harms, Principal Policy Analyst, Academic Senate
  • Alisa Hsiu, Manager, Human Resources Compliance
  • Heather Kopeck, Director, Development Policy and Advancement Relations, Institutional Advancement
  • Stefani Leto, Analyst, Secretary of the Regents
  • Yvonne Li, Contracts Specialist, Construction Services
  • Katherine (Katie) McKenzie, Clinical and Prevention Sciences Program Officer, RGPO-BCRP
  • Cathy O’Sullivan, Chief Of Staff to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Philomel Pena, Director, Cash & Liquidity Management, OCIO
  • Nancy Pluzdrak, Executive Director, UCOP Human Resources
  • Chantal Quintero, Senior Program Administrator, UCDC
  • Nicole Rantz, Associate Director, Business & Contract Management, National Laboratories
  • Brandi Schmitt, Executive Director of Anatomical Services, UC Health
  • Sonia Scott, Administrative Officer, UC Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Gail Sheean-Remotto, Program Manager, Program Management Office
  • Clare Sheridan, Analyst, Secretary of the Regents
  • Alina Tejera, Administrative Analyst - Special Projects, Student Development & Engagement
  • Amy Vrizuela, Team Lead, Business Resource Center
  • Dianne Yoder, Associate Director, Systemwide Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Services